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“Somewhere Above Sunset”

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SOMEWHERE ABOVE SUNSET is an investigative memoir about the mysterious overdose of my father, Academy Award nominated actor Nick Adams, in 1968.

Daddy died of an overdose when I was seven years old in Hollywood. The Los Angeles Coroner labeled the cause of death Undetermined. The death certificate was changed three times: Accidental, Suicide, Undetermined. Nothing was found in the house. Every trace was gone- his drugs, diaries, the tapes in his recorder, $30,000 from his briefcase, the bronze Rebel cap, his life. 

This true tale is a zig zag through the haunted chambers of the past, as I search for answers with a daughters heart and biographer’s soul -  to understand why. 

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Special Thanks to Marc L Rubinstein & Pig Light Show, Karen A. Brown and Aaron Murtagh!