New Laurels

addict posterOFFICIAL SELECTION - Cannes Screenplay Contest - 2019Spring is my blooming companion! Nancy Gabor, my mentor and acting teacher for 37 years, told me that I needed to spend as much time putting my work out into the world, as I did creating it. I took her advice. Thank you Cannes and Crimson Screen Horror Film FestAn Addict Speaks and Wolf No. 39 were both winners in the Stage Play category for the Cannes Screenplay Contest. So cool I am now an award winning playwright! Rusalka Revenge is a current finalist for Crimson Screen Horror Fest. Feels great!An Addict Speaks was selected and produced by Urban Theatre Movement One Act Play Festival in Hollywood, 2018. Beautifully directed by Gisla Stringer with sexy compassion. Since that production I have lengthened the play to a more profound climax and resolution. Part of the process, so I'm glad the new version translated well.WolfCoverOFFICIAL SELECTION - Cannes Screenplay Contest - 2019Wolf No. 39 is a longtime baby of mine based on a true story. A romantic musical about the Last Best Place. The first version of this play was written in 1997 titled The People vs. Hairy Wolf, performed by 25 children and high schoolers in Ennis, Montana. I've spiced it a bit since then, and now it plays like a magical, whisky theater experience.RR_cemetery2019_Crimson_laurels_screenplay_finalistRusalka Revenge is a short, supernatural, romantic, horror that was also selected for the Independent Horror Movie Awards and Queen Palm International Film Festival.Writing is pure joy for me, even the rewriting. The mental choreography of pounding the pavement and trying to navigate which pavement to pound and how hard, can be a fine line between frustration and madness. A writer's life is one of solitude full of hope and a million voices. However, the fruit of one's passionate labor does not thrive in silence, alone on the page where the "Ghost of Dusty Scripts" lurks in the shadows. I have a duty to my muse who taunts and delivers intoxication to my existence. She made me face my fears, shyness and self doubt of throwing my hat into the ring, because nobody owes me nothing, and sitting around for the phone to ring isn't in the cards at my age.26 Stabs laurels insta 4HandofMe_poster laurels2019 whiteI am meeting the challenge of A Writer's Life and to this date, three of my short thriller scripts, Hand of Me, Rusalka Revenge and 26 Stabs have collected 10 awards, for a total of 12 awards for five scripts. Only cost me a thousand hours and a thousand bucks! I exaggerate, but then don't all juicy storytellers?May the muse be with you!A.L. Adams