International Women's Day

img_0120.jpgLagunaJRcastLaguna3SokastudentsLagunaCrowdThe celebration of International Women's Day on Saturday, March 9, 2019 was an inspiring and powerful event. Presentation of my play "Yellow Roses on the Hill" was directed by Cece Sloan and perfectly performed by the Twilight Reader's Theater: Carrie Pohlhammer. Gila Zalon, Jules Zalon, to an appreciative audience. Thank you actors and Laguna Woods vocalist and piano, Estelle DiNunzio and Mark Hochberg!The peace drama (with humor!) about the victory of Jeannette Rankin and Belle Fligleman during the years 1914-1916, hit a strong chord with everyone because of its historical and timely message.You can read an article in Orange County Register published March 6, 2019. Feminists will honor First Congresswoman Rankin.I was so honored to be part of this day with all these amazing people!With love, peace and respect,Allyson Adams