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Award winning screenwriter, playwright and costume designer A.L. Adams is a third generation, Hollywood descendant and made her acting debut at one years old playing opposite Elizabeth Montgomery. Flash forward and she is writing thrillers with daring female protagonists to festival acclaim. Rusalka Revenge, 26 Stabs, Hand of Me, An Addict Speaks and Wolf No 39, have all garnered recent Best Short Screenplay and Stage Play awards. Adams has had over 30 plays produced. PINK, L.A. Weekly Pick of the Week drew sold out audiences. Los Angeles Times wrote, “PINK is a raw but searing drama about exploitation, double sexual standards and females under siege that is free of cliché and bawdily devoid of political correctness.”  The L.A. Weekly said, “Besides her rich raw material, playwright Adams has both wit and profound honesty on her side.”  An Addict Speaks was selected and produced by Urban Theatre Movement One Act Festival in Hollywood. Duck Uglya musical produced by Orphan Girl Children’s Theater at the historic Mother Lode Theatre in Butte, Montana. Adams wrote, directed and acted in the Montana PBS docudrama Peace is a Woman’s Job, about first Congresswoman Jeannette Rankin and toured the one-woman show for a decade.  She published The Rebel & The King written by her late father, Oscar nominated actor Nick Adams, about his friendship with Elvis Presley and launched the book at Graceland.




Short video about Jeannette Rankin (played by Allyson Adams) who was the first United States Congresswoman elected in 1916 and from Montana. Jeannette Rankin was a suffragist and then a peace activist for 60 years . Filmed entirely in Montana.

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Allyson Adams teaches you how to find your deep voice and conjure fresh images that lead to a new beginning with your creativity and writing techniques.

“Allyson your writers retreat helped my writing so much! My story took shape, your suggestions were perfect and the exercises really got my creative juices flowing. I just loved the work. It really was like a gently whisper from the muses.”

- Linda Gibbs, Regenerative Soil Practitioner, Malibu, CA.

“Thank you, thank you. I’m in awe of how much insight you pack into a day. Your writing retreat was engaging and inspiring. Every writer, from screen to stage and poet to novelist should consider attending!”

- Mugs Cahill, screenwriter

"Besides being given tools to improve your writing (literally within minutes), Allyson creates a safe space. Creation comes from the soul and it can be scary to reveal your soul amongst strangers. In this retreat, there are no strangers, just supportive ears and voices. Thank you Allyson, for a memorable and inspiring experience— can’t wait to do it again!"  

-Carra Robertson, freelance writer, Special Education teacher

 "Allyson! I've been writing up a storm since Saturday. Within the first hour of your retreat I had unravelled a plot problem that's plagued me for two months in my current novel. You are a genius.”  

-Harley Jane Kozak, novelist, actress




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